Welcome to Move & More International B.V.

Move & More International B.V. is a company that has over 30 years of recognition, know-how and expertise within the international bicycle industry.

On behalf of Cycleurope AB (Sweden), Move & More International B.V. represents the historic Austrian brand called Puch (1899). Move & More International B.V. executes the acquisition, support and administration for its partners in various European countries.

In 2003 Cycleurope reintroduced the Austrian brand Puch in the Netherlands.

From 2015, an international route has been taken to further expand the Puch brand in Europe.

Puch bicycles have been distributed in Austria since 2016, currently from Graz by our partner SSF Handels GmbH. The Austrian collection can be seen at www.puchbikes.at

Since 2018, our partner Dutchebike BV from Dongen has been selling and distributing Puch bicycles for the Netherlands. The collection for the Netherlands can be seen at www.puch-fietsen.nl

Since 2019, Dutchebike BV also distributes the Puch bicycles in Belgium. This collection can be seen at www.puch-fietsen.be

Since 2020, PVD / Arends E-bikes Center from Ochtrup has been our partner for Germany that arranges distribution and sales. The German collection can be seen at www.puch.de

In July 2020 Move & More International B.V. originated from a long-term collaboration of almost 25 years with Cycleurope to support the Puch brand even more and to further expand it internationally. The countries Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Italy, England/Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland are in the pipeline for the coming years. For this, Move & More International B.V. is looking for partners in these countries.

Since 2021, KNB d.o.o. from Jlubljana has been our partner for Slovenia that arranges distribution and sales. The Slovenian collection can be seen at www.puch-kolesa.si 

Middle of 2024 Puch will be available in Croatia!

We refer our current international contacts and partners to www.puch-bikes.com 



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